Cycling from HoffenterHof

Holiday farm HoffenterHof is situated on a cycling network. Hundreds of kilometres of rural bike trails are at your feet – or to your bicycle tires you might say. The routes avoid through roads, so you can enjoy small roads in the countryside. And because Middle-Limburg is relatively flat, this area is ideal for recreational cycling.

The cycling network is a node-network: you ride a route by following the signs from one numbered “node”(“knooppunt” in Dutch) to the next. At each node is an information panel with an overview map (the map is also available at HoffenterHof). So you can design own your route: you make a note of the numbers of the nodes that you want, and then you just need to follow the signs that lead to those nodes. Does your chosen route turn out to be too long or short? Simply adapt the route as you go, by choosing different node- numbers for a short cut or an extension.

The cycling network can also take you across the border to Belgium. So you can create an international bike ride effortlessly. HoffenterHof is located between junction / node 25 and 26 on the Middle-Limburg cycling network.

Visit nice historic towns by bike

A nice ride is to the white town Thorn, about 8 km from HoffenterHof. Wander through the old cobblestone streets and imagine yourself in the 14th century, when the noble ladies there held sway. Enjoy a coffee on a terrace with views of the Abbey Church. And return stopping by the characteristic Chapel under the Linden. Or maybe along Wijngoed Thorn, where Limburg wine is made. Or bike back to Haler through the old village of Neeritter, with its characteristic Pepermill church tower, and castle just across the Belgian border. Then you’ll pass the Uffelse Molen, a beautiful old water mill along the Uffelse Beek. Are you in for more? Then Wessem or Grathem are cute old villages to visit from Thorn.

A nice long bike ride (about 45 km) runs along a series of historical Maas towns: e.g. Kessenich (B), Thorn, Wessem, Maasbracht and Stevensweert and runs via the node network. The route description is available with us.

Cycling through nature

From HoffenterHof you can also make wonderful short and long cycling trips through nature. Nature areas The Krang Tungeler Wallen, Laura Woods, Stramprooierbroek etc. are united with each other in Grenspark Kempenbroek. Cycling through woods and fields you will find Scottish Highlanders to help nature recover. And there are plenty of fun spots to stop along the way. For example Tea Garden The Tungelroyse Beek , near the Krang, 10-minute cycling (or an hour walking) from HoffenterHof.