Room for each other, that is what you can find on HoffenterHof farm house in Central Limburg: spending a marvellous time together with friends or family and at the same time find space for yourself. And that space you will experience all around HoffenterHof.

In the modern Loft for example: whether you’re lounging all together on the sofa near the fireplace, hanging out on the pillows to watch a good movie, or snuggled with a book (found in the multilingual library) in a comfy reading corner, or cooking in the open plan kitchen and eating all together at the large dining table. You also experience space in the large bedrooms with extra large beds (90 x 210).

You will even experience the spacious feeling in the luxurious bathrooms, with showers that allow even very tall people to stand up straight. And of course in the garden, where a large garden table awaits you, for the Italian family-lunch-feeling and where you will find lots of room or children to run around.

Through the whole farmhouse you will find plenty of areas, where everyone can do whatever they are feeling like: be with company, or alone in a quiet corner, the inside playing area in the old stables, the undiscovered corners in the garden or just relax in the sauna. 

Currently HoffenterHof is equipped for 12 people in 5 bedrooms. From August 1st 2018 we hope to be able to accommodate 16 people (7 rooms).

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  • A fantastic event in our small village! Revival of classic motor races, to commemmorate the original TT races held here in 1938 and 1939.

    If you are into roaring engines, the smell of oil, lots of leather and lots of classic motor lovers, then this is the place to be!

    The “races” take place at walking distance from HoffenterHof. You will hear the races at HoffenterHof, so if you are into a quiet weekend, choose a different weekend 😉


  • During 4 days a very nice and colourful theater festival takes place in the area. Lots of location theater on special and unexpected venues. Some of it is (dutch) spoken, lots of it is without words. Some acts are from foreign actors.

    There is a walking tour, a cycling tour, opera, dance, a childrens festival..

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  • Three days of fraternization:

    The European Gunner celebration is a celebration of fraternization. Once every three years, some 600 militia, bribery fraternities and gunners from all over Europe meet. In 2018 they will do so in the Leudal region in the province of Limburg. The European Gendarmerie is a colorful, Burgundian party where everyone is welcome.

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